Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How to enrich uranium??

Uranium enrichment Uranium enrichement isolate a specific isotopes of chemical elements Isope separation of an element for increasing the concentration of isotopes for other material is saturated with the desired isotope, for example to isolate specific isotopes of natural uranium for enriched uranium and depleted uranium. The enrichment process stages where at each stage to isolate larger quantities of isotopes, where they get unwanted element enriched after each stage limit access to the purity required.

For example, enriched uranium is uranium has been increasing the proportion of isotopes of uranium -235 and resolve other isotopes. The enrichment process difficult and expensive and is difficult to isotopes, which wants to remove uranium is very similar in terms of weight of the isotopes, which wants to keep them and enrichment is the enrichment process using heat via liquid or gas to contribute to the isolation of isotopes of others desired and there are other ways more complicated, such as using a laser or electromagnetic radiation. Original article bombs articles fertilized

Natural uranium
Containing natural uranium atoms with different antagonistic called isotopes are usually in the (uranium 238) and (uranium) 235. The descent follows:

(238) - 99.3%
(235) -0.7%
Other isotopes - 0,01%

Stages of uranium extraction

Session of the uranium from the beginning 1 - extracting uranium ore from miners, and then purification and conversion.

2 - yellow cake - (uranium oxide Centre).

3 - conversion of yellowcake into gas.

4 - enrichment - to increase the content of uranium-235 during the process of isotope separation.

1 - Enrichment is the process of separating uranium 238 and uranium 235, and is by the central thrust of the gas. Where the circuit is fed into the cylinder (centrifuge) - which revolves database managed by the engine - uranium gas Hecsa fluoride.

2 - accumulation of the heavier molecules of uranium-238 the wall of the cylinder.

3 - gather particles from the lighter U-235 near the center of the cylinder.

4 - the next stage is being fed gas and then enriched slightly uranium 235.

5 - payment is depleted gas towards the light of uranium 235 for feedback to the work of the previous phase.

Enriched by the central thrust of the gas

Enriched uranium

Uranium levels flammable before and after the fertile, where the ratio of more than 0.7% in the case of natural uranium to the rate of 3-5% after Altakosaibistkhaddm enriched uranium for nuclear bombs, which would need to increase the level of U-235 before it is burned as fuel in nuclear reactors or use of nuclear weapons.

Nuclear Weapons:
In the case of nuclear weapons is the level of U-235 above 90% compared with uranium 238 and uranium-235 is so combustible.

Nuclear reactors:
In the case that the ratio of (235) 3-5% compared to Baljurajnom 238 Uranium-238 is non-combustible.


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